Recycle Program

Design and Production

Our products have been designed to use less plastic than the standard industry recycling bin of the same size, using less resources and energy in the production process. By utilizing chambered plastic and unique folding and integrated hinging systems, we are able to provide 100% recyclable bins that use less material without compromising strength or performance.

Because we consider the environment in our production process and materials design, our environmental impact from production is lower than the industry average. On average, our bins emit 6% to 82% less carbon in the production process. Carbon emissions data for individual products can be found under "product description" for each bin.*


Standard recycling bins are made with a rigid plastic design so they end up transporting 90% air when packed and shipped. 95% of our plastic bins pack flat. The compact design of our bins consists of more than 90% product when packed and shipped. Our bins are also all manufactured on site in our U.S. based facility. Because of this, when compared to standard industry bins of the equivalent size, most of our bins emit 16% - 79% less carbon during the transportation process.

Extended Producer Responsibility

Our bins are designed for component replacement. Instead of buying a new bin, you can order replacement parts with us - saving money for you and saving resources for the environment.

When you want to upgrade or change your recycling program, we can help you find the closest facility to recycle your old bin or you can send your bin back to us for a 10% reimbursement on your next purchase. Whether plastic, steel, or wood, we have the resources to recycle or up-cycle your bins.